Keeping Things Rolling

I hope to put numerous concepts out right away to establish this new section of Hockey Week, and hopefully lead to more hits. If you're reading this, please, leave a comment, let us know what you think, even if it's to say that the whole idea for a jersey concepts section is dumb.

This one was posted on Icethetics some time ago, but was edited quite a bit and forgotten with that website's hiatus. Based on the new popularity of the Penguins 3rd jersey, I created a more conservative look based on those sweaters, primarily because I am completely against the Penguins returning to blue/blue and abandoning black and gold. The idea is to use the large logo on the home sweaters, and the name-ring logo on the away sweaters, similar to how Boston has the BRUINS secondary logo text on the home jerseys and BOSTON on the away. With gold being relegated back to a trim color, it can return to being metallic gold and not the khaki seen on the RBK Edge jerseys. However, following historical precedent, the Pens should definitely not change jerseys after winning the Stanley Cup...that typically is a bad omen for a franchise (See 1992-93).

Without further adieu...