The Finals: post 1

I miss the studio. Otherwise this would be a nice little finals preview show. But alas, since I don't have a webcam, I just wanted to make a post to make sure people know we're alive. I hope, that sometime soon, we will return with a video. Until then, sit tight.

We've made it to the Stanley Cup Finals. So far, I'm only two games off (one in each series), so I'm rather satisfied.

Detroit vs Pittsburgh
I picked this matchup, so we will see how well my pick weathers. I want it here, in electronic print, just for verification. RantMan, since I know you'll be reading this, I expect you to revise your pick, with the tiny explanation like I'm doing.

this won't be an easy series for the penguins. detroit seems like the perfect team. the only possible flaw being osgood. possible. and he doesn't see enough shots to even be a risk. the red wings are scary. plain and simple.

if it goes to 7 games, i see wear and tear hurting the penguins. can fleury handle that many games? that much pressure? the detroit freaking red wings?

that said, i think the penguins handle teams like detroit very well. the style of play that they prefer, that finesse passing combined with pure refined skill...they're the goliaths of the nhl...and all it takes is a young group of davids to take them down.

Pens in 6.

There are other things going around the league that I really want to discuss in a podcast. This stuff might be big enough to send to HurstTV in Erie. Versus? Glowpuck? Say it ain't so!!! More to come, stay tuned!