Another Blog Says Exactly What John Said Last Month

If you remember our Too Drunk for Television episode, you'll remember a little thing called "predict something unpredictable" for this upcoming season. Dave said someone would beat Gretzky's record of 50 goals in 39 games, and it would be someone unexpected. I said something a little less crazy: the LA Kings will make the playoffs.

In conversation, I've stood by this prediction, and it has cemented itself in my head, much like my prediction that the Pens would win the '09 cup way back in '01. I've expanded upon that, saying that they will upset someone in the first round, coming as a total surprise, before getting swept. Though this hasn't been on Hockey Week yet (yes, I know, there hasn't been an episode in a while, and I'm slacking on concepts, but how much has their been to talk about recently?), I am holding to that prediction. Rob will be happy if he ever reads this/watches that.

This is not just a post to feed my ego, but rather to say that I'm not the only crazy one. The Sporting News' Craig Custance has just written about which non-playoff teams are the most likely to make it this year. His #1: Los Angeles.

Definitely something to check out, considering that I said it a while ago.