Ok, Maybe Not

Ok, so we made a miscalculation. Ever make one? We did. We've tried just about every solution to produce a show from two webcams onto any kind of dvd with the technology we have at our homes. So, with the mass failure of our mid-summer special, we're simply going to wait until the Mercyhurst school year begins, so that John can have access to the studio, and Dave can be properly channeled into our switchboards. That sounded ghostbusters-esque, didn't it? Sweet. Dave, the Ranting Ghost. hehe.

Back to business. There WILL be a new addition to the on-screen team at the Hockey Week in Review. I've talked to him, things seem finalized, but I'm not going to announce it yet, just yet. So get ready for some new material, look back here at the end of August, and all the way through the season. There'll be some surprises along the way, some kinks to work out, and I hope you'll be there for their entire ride.

Here's to a great season,
John "Yotco" Baranowski


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