Hockey Week Season 2: Episode 1 (01/12/09): The New Beginning

We're baaaack! With a little help too. Well, not saying that we need any help here with the show, but the more people the merrier! Welcome aboard, Robert Kelley! We'll post an exaggerated biography later. Anyway, we found a splendid way of posting the entire show to the blog page and to itunes! Isn't that just the best news next to Barry Melrose coaching again? Oh, wait... Yeah, you get the point.

Tons of stuff going on in this show. Apologies on the audio issues with patching me (the Rant Man) through. We're still working out all the kinks. Oh, I'm in Washington, DC, by the way. Tune in to experience all the mayhem!

Show one of the second season of Hockey Week in Review is on! Click the link below to download it now, or subscribe to the feed on iTunes to have all upcoming episodes automatically downloaded to your computation machines!

Download Season Two: Show 1