HWIR: The Return is Near

Hello all you hockey obsessives,

This is the good old Rant Man here with a little information that I thought you'd all like. Some good news to pass along to the faithful followers who oddly enough continue to download our old podcasts off the page...thanks? Haha. Well, it may be old news, but you're still tuning in, which leads us to think that this is good and you want more of us. So, a simulcast or pre-recorded broadcast of a remote linked show will be done in the coming weeks. We will be recapping the moves made on free agency and take a look at all the teams with their subtractions and additions, then make a final grade on whether or not they get off-season approval on making strides for a better next season. Stayed tuned for this very special web-based reunion. We may even find a way to get our technical directors on board, too...or maybe not.


I, of course, am no longer regionally friendly to the Erie, PA corridor of the U.S. and John, well, he's in Pittsburgh. What I'm getting at is the fact that I have a new home. Washington, DC is now the new setting for my current career (yes, I say current because stranger things have happened and I still have hope that the strange things will result in a hockey broadcasting related job one day).

So, in the fall season, John will be Erie based, and I will be, of course, in DC. We will find a way to keep this partnership of love/hate, Sabres/Penguins, unbiased/biased, and clean-shaved/Amazonian-bearded together. If we find that it can't work out in having a split screen fancy setup or whatever we may plan, I'll still have a segment aired at the end of each show or something of the like, and we'll have plenty of podcasts to go around. Yay! Rejoice one and all!

And there you have it, the state of the show is good! Just thought I'd give you this update, and tell you that we are A-Okay! Just spoke with the furry big guy on the phone about 20 minutes ago for a long hour conversation on how we are going to save hockey (the sport in general) and the show, as well. We have a plan! We will move forward and achieve victory!!! Ok, that's a bit to militant, but stay vigilant in downloading and tune in for the next edition of the Hockey Week in Review!

~Rant Man~