Game 5: Someone Will Take the Lead

Don't you love obvious headlines? They make me smile.

My HP notebook is currently on life support. Apparently the wireless drivers in some HP notebooks are known to suddenly disappear. It's covered by warranty, but I do not feel like shipping out this thing with the risk of it getting lost, damaged beyond recognition, etc.

OK, so Game #5 at Joe Louis Arena, 8pm (EST) on Network of Bullying Cowards (NBC). I have to stay on task here. Key factors in tonight's game:

~Datsyuk is finally back in the lineup.
~Last change on the ice, Zetts to Crosby, clutch (and possibly grab).
~Them boards, them boards, them funny bouncy boards.
~Osgood, home ice, decent.
~Obvious: Home Ice/Home Crowd.
~A full healthy roster (if you're not looking at age).
~Mike Babcock, possibly dawning a fedora.

~Line combinations are finally clicking.
~Secondary scoring is now in the mix.
~Power Play opportunities have been favorable.
~Jordan Staal woke up from his coma!
~Bylsma can keep everyone calm. I mean look at those glasses!
~Fleury is finally focused...on trying to convince everyone to give him a break.

John Baranowski (The Penguins guy) and I, the Rant Man (Red Wings/Sabres hybrid mixed with a poodle) will in the DC area somewhere catching the game. Follow me on Twitter for the latest: