After 2 periods of play...

A nice physical game played by both sides, but like I've always said, the smarter defense and body playing game belongs to the Western Conference. No matter what team we're talking about, the Western Conference has always had a more physical dynamic. With the physical game and finished checks, the opportunities opened wide for the Detroit Red Wings who had 14 shots in that period alone. So, compare that to the 4 shots by the Pittsburgh Penguins, and you have a completely different set of philosophies when it comes to scoring opportunities. Detroit is thriving off their physical game and aggressive fore-check to grab up the puck.

Conversely, Fleury is playing a lot better when you look at the numbers. No silly bounces have his rattled (just yet). So, there is a positive that the Pittsburgh angle can take away from that period. Crosby and Malkin aren't creating as many opportunities as they should, but considering their skill, they should be able to find their way around these roadblocks. The defensive core of the Red Wings have the Penguins pinned, and Pittsburgh needs to find their way around it here in the third period to break loose from this tie. I'm willing to bet that somebody will score before the half-way mark of the third. Something is bound to break. But, overall, great game thus far.

~The Rant Man~