An Observation and Not a Put Down: There's a hot team out there

John grilled me about this, and I think that it was unjust that he did so. Does everyone just look at the "Last 10 Games" column when it comes to figuring out how well a team is truly doing? That's wrong, pathetic, and doesn't tell the whole story behind a team. The reason I bring this up is because John hates the netminder for the team I am eluding to.

The Vancouver Canucks are a lesser talked about team who practically won every game they played in the month of February. Why didn't anyone notice this? Well, it's probably because of the "post-Sundin deal hangover". Well, Vancouver deserves more credit because Sundin is doing things for this team, and they're seemingly inspired. Did you not see the Sundin shoot-out winner against Toronto in T.O.? Seriously, that was awesome. But look at the way things are shaping up for these Canucks. Last month, this team was horrible and they went with the plan of action I always talk about during this time of year. That plan of action is the All-Star Break Breakout. A team or two will be playing amazing and burning up the standings up to the All-Star game, then fizzle out. A mediocre team will just barely make it to the break, and then after the All-Star festivities are over, this team (or these teams) will jet-pack through the rest of the season with an almost perfect resurgence. Will it go noticed? No! Of course not! John didn't studious point out that the Canucks, in the month of JANUARY only WON 2 and LOST 10, and in FEBRUARY only LOST 2 and WON 9. That's a pretty big turn around if you ask me. So when John Baranowski badgered me to death with his tirade of "There's no team that is truly standing out and playing amazing hockey!"

He says, paraphrasing, that there's nobody who is shooting up the standings...

The Canucks are in rare form, meaning they are not the team from last month and through the beginning of the season in a horrible standing position throughout. This team shows promise.