Welcome to the Hockey Week evolution!

Ahhhh, a first post. That's always a good thing to say because now I can be excused of making a horrible impression from the get-go. "Oh, it's only their first crack at it." That's what I hope you'll be saying...well, not really.

Anyway, welcome to our page first off. For those of you who are fortunate to tune in and catch us on Erie TV, glad to have you reading along. We're doing a lot with what John and I have going. Video podcast, Television, and blogging are the three things we have to offer you all. So, iTunes, Time Warner Cable, and Blogger are our plugs. We leave it open forum for all to interject their opinions and views on issues and happenings in the hockey world. Plus, we'd LOVE feedback on what you think of what we're doing. It's not just John and I putting this together, but we let the audience help us make this endeavor what it is.

So, lots to talk about. Posts, video podcasts, and weekly shows on Erie TV all happening real soon. So, stayed tuned and in touch.

Let us know what you want to see, hear, and read about! Questions, comments, and suggestions can all be sent to HockeyWeek@hotmail.com

~Rant Man~